2024 Random Drawing Prizes

A big thank you to all the nearly 400 golfers who came to join us for the Myrtle Beach World Amateur TRUE Q School. Below are the winners of the randomly drawn prizes. Speak with your flight coordinator prior to leaving the tournament to retrieve your prize!

Winners List

$50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift CardEmmanuel Lee1
World Am Driver HeadcoverEthan Ducharme1
World Am Driver HeadcoverZachery Kampmann1
World Am TumblerGary Collins2
World Am TumblerGene Christian2
World Am TumblerBryan Reger2
World Am Driver HeadcoverKenneth Slizewski2
Dozen TP5 Golf Balls Robert Vinson2
$50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift CardDwight Williams3
World Am TumblerReed Siems3
GOLFBUDDY RangefinderJames Williams3
GOLFBUDDY RangefinderSteve Alexander3
Dozen TP5 Golf Balls John Todd3
Sea Captain's $50 Gift CardJohn Przezdzecki3
World Am Driver HeadcoverPeter Daniels4
GOLFBUDDY RangefinderCharles Cliff4
Sea Captain's $50 Gift CardRobert Opsahl4
Theragun MiniTom Conkling4
2024 World Am EntryStan Rowan5
$50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift CardMike Lybrand5
GOLFBUDDY RangefinderBob Susor5
Dozen TP5 Golf Balls John Zak5
Sea Captain's $50 Gift CardKenneth Zawodny5
World Am TumblerDavid Tang6
Dozen TP5 Golf Balls Terry Balsman6
Dozen TP5 Golf Balls Gary Branch6
GOLFBUDDY RangefinderGreg Carpenter7
Sea Captain's $50 Gift CardMarvin Frazier7
World Am TumblerBob Newman8
World Am Driver HeadcoverJeff Stinnett8
World Am Driver HeadcoverGlenn Taulbee8
Dozen TP5 Golf Balls Eduardo Vanga8
Sea Captain's $50 Gift CardBernie Bible8
Theragun MiniRonald Duncan8
2025 Q School EntryKathy Wicker9
$50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift CardDeborah Richard9
$50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift CardMary Moore9
GOLFBUDDY RangefinderLiz Houston9
Theragun MiniPaul Appelt9
Theragun MiniBecky Barstow9

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